Comparative Clinical and Financial Intelligence in Real Time

i2i’s PopIQ® is a cloud-based comparative intelligence system that enables care organizations to compare their outcomes with other organizations, regions and even the entire country.

  • Since most hospitals and health systems can only review internal results, PopIQ® expands this perspective using a multivariate database.
  • PopIQ® is particularly useful for organizations managing multiple locations needing to assess and pinpoint over and under-performing institutions and course-correct as needed.
  • Designed to complement i2iTracks, the front-line operational platform, PopIQ® serves as an executive-level dashboard that supports leaders in making data-driven decisions.


PopIQ® Solves Complex Questions

  • Which sites in my network are most/least effective at following evidence-based guidelines of care?
    Goal: Course Correct Underperforming Sites


  • What is the average performance for specific clinical outcomes measures across my network?
    Goal: Course Correct Ineffective Care 
  • When doing research on a specific method of care for a defined population, what is the effect (and associated cost) compared to a similar population that does not receive the intervention?
    Goal: Identify Cost-Efficient 
Care Protocols
  • Nimble: Capable of running reports in seconds that would take hours using some competing systems
  • Scalable: Single, scalable solution seamlessly aggregates data from multiple organizations with hundreds of thousands, even millions, of patients
  • Interoperable: Can access data from disparate Population Health and Electronic Health Record systems
  • Customizable: Can easily create custom reports and graphs without investing in an expert data analyst to write time-consuming reports and graphs
  • Affordable: Eliminates the cost associated with buying equipment and hiring additional IT staff