Delivering Integrated Data-Driven Solutions 

i2iTracks® connects a comprehensive and configurable set of interfaces that powers collection, consolidation, and normalization of all types of data.

Transforming Disparate Data for Action

Unparalleled in its accuracy, completeness and clinical relevance, i2iTracks® delivers decades of experience in aggregation knowledge from over 2,500 sites. Our customers have achieved:

  • Improved Clinical and Quality Outcomes
  • Improved Utilization Efficiency
  • Improved Financial Performance and Insight
  • Improved Risk Score Accuracy
Data is the new currency. With thousands of successful interfaces, i2i is the PHM provider of choice!


Generating Insights, Transformed into Action 

i2iTracks® predictive models and stratification logic combine insight-rich patient profiles with the latest i2i advancements in data science to accurately highlight and map risk to open gaps in care. The result is a clear set of priorities that care teams utilize in monitoring and improving the health of their patients.

  • Comprehensive Tool Set for Uniform Data System (UDS) Reporting
  • Configurable and Complete Clinical Quality Measures, Health Outcomes, and Disparities
  • Certified Meaningful Use Stage 2 and Pre-Validated NCQA Patient Centered Medical Home
  • Full HEDIS® Measure Performance Toolbox

Measuring Performance Accurately & Timely

i2iTracks® provides direct access to a “single source of truth” regarding patients and providers. A library of configurable reports is readily available, built specifically for evaluating and managing value-based performance. Armed with this information, care teams and administrators can conduct economic reviews, trend identification and performance management in real-time, allowing them to direct efforts towards the greatest opportunities in positively impacting health outcomes.

Leveraging over 17 years of experience in helping care organizations make data-driven decisions, i2i offers analytics designed to drive the business of healthcare in terms of reimbursement, grant requirements and quality tracking.

Fostering a Personalized Care Experience

i2iTracks® supports care managers in triaging patients, conducting assessments, assigning care plans and managing their list of prioritized action items. The application helps care managers focus on the highest priority patients and interventions while facilitating communication and coordination across PCPs, specialists and other members of the care team, fostering a personalized care experience unprecedented for many patients and caregivers.

i2iTracks® supports a higher level of real-time communication via text, email or phone call with patients that reduces no-show rates, keeps patients out of the ER and ensures that the referral process is effective.