Celebrating Nurses: National Nurse’s Week May 6 – 12, 2018

By Dawn Weathersby, MS, RN, Senior Vice President, Product Strategy & Solutions, i2i Population Health

As we celebrate National Nurse’s Week, I am reminded to take the time to reflect on this great profession and the honor I have to be a member of it.  I came to nursing from a family who has proudly been in nursing since 1929, the year my maternal grandmother graduated from “Nurse’s Training” at Memphis Baptist Memorial Hospital.  My generation boasts three nurses and we have the next generation queueing up in nursing school.

Since my grandmother’s graduation, this profession has grown and expanded in both traditional and non-traditional roles, responsibilities and positions.  Where once the nurse’s domain was exclusive to the hospital and physician office settings, it has expanded to the community, the government, the board room, and technology.

Many of the users of i2iTracks and PopIQ are nurses, those involved in direct patient care, care managers, quality analysts and quality directors, among others.  Each of these nurses are Nurse Informaticists, following the path forged by Florence Nightingale, who is widely considered to be the first Nurse Informaticist. Through the collection and analysis of data, its organization and reporting, these nurses follow her example of using data and information to improve the health of individuals and patients.

Dawn Weathersby

We at i2i celebrate your contributions to the patient and healthcare communities, and we know that you make a difference.  Without you, health care delivery would be scarce, inefficient, and far less compassionate. We are proud and honored to work with you towards improving the care of individuals and populations.  Thank you for all you do!

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