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One Data Repository, A Single Source of Truthi2iTracks is a fully interoperable PHM platform that drives positive, sustainable outcomes for patients and providers. i2iTracks connects to EMRs and PMs to extract and aggregate clinical and financial data, identify at-risk populations, assign personalized actionable care pathways, and engage patients in evidence-based interventions across specific care teams.

By creating a panel or individual patient view that is accurate, comprehensive, and clinically rich, i2i delivers on the promise of population health management that consistently demonstrates quality improvements, lower costs, revenue enhancements, and patient satisfaction.


Data Aggregation
DATA AGGREGATION HUBDelivering Integrated Data-Driven Solutions i2iTracks connects a comprehensive and configurable set of interfaces that powers collection, consolidation, and normalization of all types of data. Our proprietary data aggregation capabilities interface with a variety of sources including:

  • Electronic Health Records (EHR)
  • Practice Management & Revenue Cycle Management (PM & RCM)
  • Lab and RX
  • Health Information Exchange (HIE)
  • Claims (837, 835, approx.)
  • Registries

Transforming Disparate Data for

Unparalleled in its accuracy, completeness and clinical relevance, i2iTracks delivers decades of experience in aggregation knowledge from over 2,500 sites. Our customers have achieved:

  • Improved Clinical and Quality Outcomes
  • Improved Utilization Efficiency
  • Improved Financial Performance and Insight
  • Improved Risk Score Accuracy
Data is the new currency. With thousands of successful interfaces, i2i is the PHM provider of choice!
Risk Stratification and Analytics
RISK STRATIFICATION AND ANALYTICSGenerating Insights, Transformed into Action i2iTracks predictive models and stratification logic combine insight-rich patient profiles with the latest i2i advancements in data science to accurately highlight and map risk to open gaps in care. The result is a clear set of priorities that care teams utilize to direct efforts toward the greatest opportunities to positively impact health outcomes. A robust analytics engine is designed to provide both insight and action.

  • Comprehensive Tool Set for Uniform Data System (UDS) Reporting
  • Configurable and Complete Clinical Quality Measures, Health Outcomes, and Disparities
  • Certified Meaningful Use Stage 2 and Pre-Validated NCQA Patient Centered Medical Home
  • Full HEDIS Measure Performance Toolbox

Measuring Performance Accurately & Timely

i2iTracks provides direct access to a “single source of truth” regarding patients and providers. Rigorous analytics applies insights during the creation and execution of rules and workflow and continually measures action effectiveness. i2i Tracks includes a library of configurable reports, built specifically for evaluating and managing value-based performance. Armed with this information, care teams and administrators can conduct economic reviews, trend identification and performance management in real-time. Care teams leverage the platform directing efforts toward the greatest opportunities to positively impact health outcomes. A robust analytics engine is designed to provide both insight and action.

Leveraging 15 years of experience in helping care organizations make data-driven decisions, i2i offers analytics designed to drive the business of healthcare in terms of reimbursement, grant requirements and quality tracking.

  • Full support for Uniform Data System (UDS) Reporting
  • Comprehensive Clinical Quality Measures and Health Outcomes and Disparities
  • Diagnosis Codes for Selected Diagnoses and Services Rendered
  • Meaningful Use Certified as a Modular EHR Solution for MU Stage 2
  • Full HEDIS Measure Support including: Screening, Prevention and Wellness; Chronic
    Condition Management; Measures Targeted Toward Children and Adolescents
  • California All Heart Program Department of Public Health (CDPH) and CA Heart Disease
    and Stroke Prevention and Treatment Task Force
  • Financial Health and Productivity Measures Defined by Capital Link, the Leading Financial
    Strategy Consulting for Community Health Centers
  • Patient Centered Medical Home (PCHM) Tracking of 37 Factors Total
Care Coordination and Management
CARE COORDINATION AND MANAGEMENTFostering a Personalized Care Experience i2iTracks engages the care team through insightful patient intelligence and actionable care coordination events. i2iTracks supports care managers in triaging patients, conducting assessments, assigning care plans and managing their list of prioritized action items. The application helps care managers focus on the highest priority patients and interventions while facilitating communication and coordination across PCPs, specialists and other members of the care team, fostering a personalized care experience unprecedented for many patients and caregivers.


i2iTracks supports a higher level of real-time communication via text, email or phone call with patients that reduces no-show rates, keeps patients out of the ER and ensures that the referral process is effective.

In addition to the core offering, the i2i Comparative Intelligence Engine enables care organizations to compare their outcomes with other organizations, regions and even the entire country.

  • Since most hospitals and health systems can only review internal results, PopIQ expands this perspective using a multivariate database.
  • PopIQ is particularly useful for organizations managing multiple locations needing to assess and pinpoint over and under-performing institutions and course-correct as needed.
PopIQ allows healthcare organizations to ask, “How did I perform against other organizations treating African Americans over 50 who are diagnosed with hypertension?” or “What PHM programs are working best in organizations like ours nationally?”


With more than 300 clients and 2,500 sites, 70,000 active users rely on i2i to coordinate care on a daily basis.

i2i enhances the value of an existing EHR investment providing the care coordination tools to manage care on a daily basis.

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ic_chc-05HCCNs and PCAs
i2i drives the PHM strategy for a FQHC network to manage cross center programs.

Deep experience with Medicaid populations makes i2i a vendor to support patient-centered medical home programs and reduce costs.

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Supports health systems with multiple payers to maximize revenue by managing patients to individual needs and steering them to the right care venue.

Client Testimonials

Logo - Central Virginia Family Physicians

“i2iTracks sits above our EHR and other systems to extract the data we need to provide higher quality patient care—we were simply unable to meet some of the requirements of PCMH without i2iTracks.”
Dr. Thomas Eppes, Jr.
Central Virginia Family Physicians


Logo Southeast Mississippi Rural Health Initiative

“i2iTracks helped us identify these patients. Once all the Healthy Use visits are caught up, we’ll see an extreme uptick in our ROI. With those 600 visits we’ll have more than paid for the system, no doubt at all.”
Matthew Mauldin
IT Manager


Logo - Golden Valley Health Center

“17% of those screened after identifying them with i2iTracks and PopIQ were hypertensive. We are saving lives thanks to i2i’s incisive tools—we could not have done it without them.”
Allyse Alford
Project Manager
Golden Valley Health Centers