[November 23, 2015] i2i Systems Global Population Health Management Tool, PopIQ, Transforms Big Data Into Revenue

The KLAS Population Health Management leader, i2i Systems, empowers healthcare organizations by leveraging Big Data through comparative analytics and cross-population views to power quality improvement, revenue growth, and business optimization.
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Santa Rosa, Calif. (November 23, 2015)—California-based i2i Systems, a pioneer defining Population Health Management and Analytics for 15 years, will host “Leverage Big Data to boost value-based care and incentives.” Led by quality improvement thought leaders, Crystal Eubanks and Jerry Lassa, the webinar will take place on Wednesday, December 2, 2015, at 11:00 a.m. PST.

Healthcare organizations across the country are scrambling to care for the high volume of new patients insured through the Affordable Care Act. Maintaining the necessary level of quality and patient engagement to begin the transition to Value Based Care (VBC) is an impossible task without an effective population health management tool.

Looking within themselves to establish goals is no longer sufficient in the new landscape of value-based care. Forward-thinking organizations are leveraging the power of Big Data with i2i Systems’ PopIQ to access comparative data—from organizations across the US—to identify and improve key measures where the health system’s performance lacked regional or national norms and benchmarks.

By leveraging the power of Big Data, healthcare organizations can access real-time facts for precise, proactive decisions and critical insights for their populations. A health system gains the ability to compare their internal clinical, financial, and operational performance relative to local, regional and national standards specific to similar organizations.

“When adopting PopIQ, our cloud-based, Big Data PHM tool, the number one function that surprises our clients is the difference between where they believed their performance was versus actual performance relative to other provider organizations,” stated Janice Nicholson, i2i Systems Co-Founder. “Knowing how your organization’s quality of care stacks up against the competition provides invaluable perspective on where to focus time and resources to improve your bottom line.”

About i2i Systems

A KLAS Leader for Population Health Management, i2i Systems’ integrated Population Health Management and Analytics solutions are used in over 2000 U.S. healthcare delivery sites across 35 states and optimize the clinical, financial and operational success of physician group practices, community health centers, health center controlled networks, hospitals, health plans and systems.

i2i’s flagship product, i2iTracks, is 2014 PCMH NCQA prevalidated with autocredits across numerous factors. i2iTracks ignites real-time, proactive care management by identifying patients at risk, eliminating missed opportunities. i2i System’s big-data tool, PopIQ, delivers a cloud-based comparative analytics toolset that leverages multiple customers’ data sets to examine cross-population views into global population health management. i2i Systems has proudly served healthcare organizations (for-profit and non-profit) for more than 15 years. It started with a simple mission: Creating Healthier Populations; that mission consistently guides i2i Systems’ product and service development.

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