[June 25, 2015] i2i Systems’ Solutions Close Gaps in Health Care While Providing Secure ROI for Southeast Mississippi Rural Health Initiative, Inc. (SeMRHI)

i2iTracks and iTi aiding SeMRHI’s 17 clinics in 9 cities, which serve 24 schools in 3 districts

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Santa Rosa, Calif. (June 25, 2015)— In just a little over 3 months after implementing i2i Systems’ solutions, Southeast Mississippi Rural Health Initiative Inc. (SeMRHI) has seen the benefits of i2iTracks and the iTi module implementation across all departments; the Social Services Department has been most impacted by the two population health management solutions.

The Social Services Department has functioned as a part of SeMRHI for more than a decade and the need for supportive services to enhance the primary medical care being delivered became even more evident with the opening of SeMRHI’s first urban clinic; their greatest expansion came with the funding of Ryan White CARE Act programs to assist patients with HIV and AIDS.

“Our Social Services department is the one using the system most frequently,” said Matthew Mauldin, IT Manager at SeMRHI. “i2iTracks and the iTi module are enabling them to quickly identify any gaps in care across all the populations we serve. For instance, tracking patients who require a lot of visits and many procedures, lab work, medications, etc.”
The SeMRHI Social Services Department provides community education, counseling and testing for HIV, prevention education, support groups, case management, treatment, referrals, and many other services for the HIV patients and their families.

“Our software enhances the quality of millions of lives across the U.S.,” said Janice Nicholson, i2i Systems’ Co-Founder, “Southeast Mississippi Rural Health Initiative is the perfect example of how, through utilizing our advanced population health management tools, healthcare facilities can impact the quality of care and of health of patients while lowering their costs; in their case, across a large community within their seventeen clinics in nine cities. Successes like theirs make our team work harder at optimizing and developing tools for population health success.”

In less than three months from implementation, SeMRHI knew it would easily recover its investment within the first year. The system showed value right away because with it they were able to identify over 600 patients who did not get their Healthy You visits in the previous year. Now with reports that could be pulled in just minutes, not hours or days, the team began to detect these gaps in care and could spend their time following up with the 600 patients and others they uncovered who needed special attention.

“Given the amount of reporting requirements mandates for FQHC’s funding sources, having a system that allows us to assess the data on demand lowers my stress level,” said Dr. Geroldean Dyse, Chief Executive Officer of SeMRHI.

The reporting fields in i2i’s solutions provide opportunities to capture lost revenue, maximize quality incentives, coordinate care properly for patients, and assess data for audits and evaluations.

By using i2i Systems Solutions, SeMRHI can confidently assure their patients, from the youngest to the oldest, that they are receiving the best care possible. And this is the most important measure of their success.

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